Remember the sparkle in your best friend’s eyes as he/she first showed you their new favorite pair of jeans? The ones they spent hours searching for in department stores and online boutiques, and finally found in a moment of glorious denim-lover’s victory? Remember that sparkle extinguishing the moment they wore them just oooone time to many and tore a big hole in the knee, or popped the zipper off?

Okay, we’re being dramatic here, but seriously. What could be better in your loved ones’ digital stockings than Denim Therapy gift cards? You can give them the chance to repair their old favorite jeans, or give them some peace of mind in case their current jeans rip in the future. We offer repair, tailoring, maternity alteration, and hardware replacement. Why? Because we know what’s it’s like to love denim so much it’s almost insane.


Send a Denim Therapy gift card to your favorite person—or favorite five people—today.

Happy Holidays from Denim Therapy!

—Michelle Christina Larsen