iPhone burning a hole in your pocket? Yeah, we get the newest model every time one drops too. And we know one issue they haven’t solved: a phone that doesn’t destroy denim fibers after months of wear.

We see a lot of jeans come through our repair shop with holes in the pockets. Sometimes the pattern of wear is shaped like a wallet, sometimes a phone, sometimes a pair of keys. Whatever’s wrecking the denim on your backside, we’ll keep those holes from getting any bigger.

Check out this repair job we did for one happy customer, who won’t be losing any more change:

back-pocket-denim-rip (2)

back-pocket-denim-rip (1)

Learn more about Denim Therapy’s expert repair services and send us your jeans for alteration, hole fixing, or hardware replacement. We do it all, so your favorite jeans never have to expire.

—DT Staff