Denim mishaps can put a serious damper in your day… especially if it’s a huge crotch hole in your favorite jeans in this kind of weather. Don’t let an emergency of this nature impact your winter style. Check out some of the amazing denim repair and alteration services we offer.

Step on your hems all day? Hems can wear thin and create a tear or hole. We can reconstruct them. We offer a variety of hemming techniques, including an original hem, a regular hem, and a chain stitched hem.  Click here to get your hems repaired now.


We can fix all of your holes and tears. Be it prolonged wear, an unfortunate snag, or a specific stress point, our denim doctors can repair it. Holes in your crotch? We’ll help keep you decent. The crotch area is the most common stress point on pants, and our most common repair. We also do reinforcing. Click here to get the holes in your jeans repaired now.


Buttons or rivets fall off? Break your zipper? We can help. We can replace buttons and rivets with durable generics. It is usually impossible to reuse your original buttons or rivets, as once they have been used, the internal mechanics prevent them from being able to be reused. We also repair zippers and convert one fly type to another. Click here to get your fly repaired now!


Pregnant? Let us introduce you to our new maternity service. Pick your own favorite figure enhancing jeans. Denim Therapy will work their magic by inserting expandable side inseams to move and grow with you. Once you’ve brought yourself back to your pre-baby figure, Denim Therapy will restore your jeans back to their pre-baby form. Click here to get your jeans maternity-ready!


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—DT Staff